how do I lose weight in my stomach? weight loss tips at home

In today's article, we are going to discuss How do I lose weight in my stomach? Just by following my four easy steps, you can lose weight from your belly, from your thighs, from your arms, and even from your face. You're going to be a whole new person when you start trying my new plan. Now, four steps, that's all it is.

How do I lose weight in my stomach?

how do I lose weight in my stomach

Drink more water

Your body is made of water. You need to flush your system. And I'm not talking about those little things that you put in the water. I'm talking about really clear water. Your body needs it. You need about a gallon a day. That's difficult and you're not always going to make it to a gallon, but this is a daily goal that you're going to try to get to a gallon of water a day.

Foods and fake sugars from your diet

You want to remove all processed foods and fake sugars from your diet. Now, what are processed foods? They are anything that comes in a box, pretty much anything that will last in your pantry for over a year. You want stuff that actually does go rotten, like fruits, and vegetables. You don't want the fake stuff with all the preservatives, and all the chemicals. Your body doesn't know how to process that stuff. Your body is from nature, and it only knows how to process things from nature. And I promise you, if you take your body back to nature, it'll do all the rest of the weight loss work for you.

You need to move your body more

you need to move your body more and I understand we're all trying to get to that point without having to work out too hard. But you can still move your body more. You can work harder at physical therapy. You can dance with your spouse in the living room after dinner, or you can take a walk with your kids. Just try to move your body more every single day.

Count your calories

I know you're rolling your eyes. Don't roll your eyes. You need to count your calories. It's very important. It's like not knowing your budget and just blowing through all of your money in the month before you even get your electricity bill. This is what you need to do. Count your calories for three months. No apps really write it down. This is like homework. This is like studying for a test. Do you remember in high school when you wrote down all your notes? It helps you remember more. And that's the key here. You're going to be studying for your skinny test. So I want you to count your calories every single day. And then after three months, you'll probably have memorized all of them. And you'll be on great weight loss training now.

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Lastly, how many calories should you have? Do you hear 1500? Do you hear 1000? Do you hear 1200? I personally go for 1200 a day because I want to be 120 pounds. What you want to do is want to take your ultimate goal weight, and add 10 to the end. And that's how many calories you should have. So if you want to be 150 pounds at 1500 calories a day, that's how easy it is. Again, my name is Audrey Johns. And with losing weight eating, I've helped millions lose weight and I really want to help you too. Thank you so much. Make sure to drink your water. Have real food.

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