How to be healthy and fit

In today's article, we are going to discuss How to be healthy and fit. Health is simply like wealth until we act. we do not understand its real value when there are some major issues occurring associated with our health, only then can we say no. Now I've got to require care of my health. If we are sure before we fall ill, then we do not need to face the pain of diseases. The time and energy you Spend Daily on your itinerant If you invest only that quantity of your time and energy in your health, then you have got no idea what proportion your life will be improved.

Here are 5 smart ideas on how to be healthy and fit

How to be healthy and fit

Sleeps on your left side

This picture clearly demonstrates why we must always sleep on our left side. in step with the structure of our stomach.

How to be healthy and fit

If we sleep on our right side, then the stomach acids can cause plenty of problems in our health, like proper digestion, problems in blood flow, and heartburn. On the opposite hand, if we sleep on our left side, the stomach acids can do their work more efficiently and as a result, digestion happens fine.

Water Drink Reminder

In our busy lives, most folks totally forget to drink water from time to time or simply after we feel thirsty. We drink a bit to quench our thirst, which isn't good in any respect for our health.

There is an app named Water Drink Reminder. This app can solve this problem. Using this app, you'll easily keep track of when and the way much water you're drinking daily. And also this app will remind you to drink water from time to time by supplying you with notifications on your mobile.

In childhood, mom was accustomed to copulation. Now the app is doing it.

walk more

In keeping with the World Health Organization's recommendation, we want to figure 8000 steps daily so as to remain healthy and fit. what number of steps does one work on a daily basis? I feel most of you cannot answer the question correctly.

Lord Kelvin said if you cannot measure it, you can not improve it. So to live your daily steps, you'll use a fitness tracker. I personally use MiBand Two HRX Edition. you'll be able to die by following the link given below within the description. it'll facilitate you to urge a precise idea of what your current daily average steps are and the way much you must increase them.

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It is not necessary to shop for the band to run. If something is important, that's awareness. be told any excuse to figure more. Use tears rather than lift otherwise you can just work here and there in your house. Also, little is more.

Chew your food 32 times

consistent with Ayurveda. The basis of each disease is our stomach. If we are able to keep our stomachs healthy then we are able to easily stay healthy. the most two things that are needed for a healthy stomach much loved avoiding junk foods and number two have good digestion power in both two cases. it'll be very helpful if you'll eat your food after chewing it 32 times any food. If you chew it 32 times and then you swallow it, you may notice it'll not feel so tasty anymore.

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On the opposite side, if you chew any healthy food 32 times it'll be tastier to eat. So if you'll be able to make it a habit of chewing your food 32 times then automatically you'll no more prefer to eat junk foods to the slightest degree. And also 50% of the digestion process is meant to be happening while the food is in our mouth, the remaining 50% in our stomach. If we swallow the food quickly then a part of the mouth remains incomplete and as a result, we suffer from different digestion problems. So if we are able to make it a habit of chewing our food 32 times then we are able to easily overcome many of those problems.

Create a healthy environment

If your all close friends are like this that all of the day keep eating junk foods for whom being lazy is cool and doing exercise is boring and that they accustomed smoke ten to 12 cigarettes daily. Also many often they celebrate with an alcohol party. If all of them follow this type of lifestyle then it's common for you to adopt the identical quiet lifestyle to address them. On the opposite hand, if your close friends are health conscious and frequently exercise and avoid junk food in the maximum amount possible, then it's common for you to adopt an analogous lifestyle to them. So if possible, attempt to choose your closest five persons in life with whom you spend the foremost of the time in an exceedingly day, who are health-conscious, who understand that health is the real wealth, and also practice it.

Also, if your fridge is all time packed up with lots of junk foods like Cadbury and cold drinks, then stop doing this because if your own room is stuffed with junk foods then it's meaningless to undertake to be healthy because it'll become too hard for you. So try and create a healthy environment around you that will always motivate you to steer a healthy lifestyle.

In the end

best always sleep on your left side. Number two use the water drink reminder app and drink the proper amount of water daily. Number three walks 80 steps daily. Number four chew your food 32 times before swallowing it and number five create a healthy environment around you. Always remember it's never too early or too late to figure towards being the healthiest you, at last, a bit request to you. If you discover this video useful, then please share it together with your friends.

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