High protein dog foods: The top 10 dog foods

High protein dog foods: The top 10 dog foods you need to know about. Dog owners get to meet a lot of different pets. Some dogs are fun to hang out with, while others are far too high maintenance to have in the house. The best way to avoid this? Pick the right dog food.

As dog owners know all too well, not all dog foods are created equally.

“You want to choose dog food based on the dog’s health and your own lifestyle,” said Janet Gehl, Director of the Big Heart Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles. “You want to avoid dog food that’s high in fat and also one that will cause a dog to have digestive issues. You also want to make sure it’s of the quality you’d like your pet to be fed.”

High protein dog foods 

High protein dog foods: The top 10 dog foods

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Some dog foods, such as Kibbles ‘n Bits, have a long history. The original Kibbles ‘n Bits was first produced in 1937, and they still produce the same popular brand today. The brand only changed the original formula in 1978, when the product introduced another family favorite, a brine-cured, tuna-based dog food. Kibbles ‘n Bits contains meat, chicken, and turkey among many other ingredients, and it’s a popular choice for a healthy dog.

Of course, there are plenty of other dog foods that can be purchased from the store, and many of them claim to be all-natural. One thing they all have in common: they are high in protein.

Here are our top 10 dog foods

Pack Rat‘s Juke Joint Natural Dog Food ($5.99)

Some natural dog foods come from plants or cows and are very healthy for dogs, but others, like Pack Rat’s Juke Joint Natural Dog Food, are derived from meat. Pack Rat uses exclusively free-range chicken and turkey to create its foods.

“This meat-based dog food is formulated to maximize nutritional value, with real meat and real meat by-products that we believe will promote bone health in dogs over the long-term,” the company states on its website.

Koia $23 for 16 oz.

Koia, a dog food company out of Santa Monica, specializes in a variety of unique meat-based dog foods. Their secret to their success? The meat is entirely non-GMO, they use hormone-free meats and utilize only the best ingredients.

“We decided to pursue a plant-based food [program] to make a better choice for dogs and their people. It wasn’t just a fad or a trend — it’s how real food is being raised. And when we looked around at the people we knew with dogs, their dogs were healthier than they were,” co-founder Linda Beebe told “The Kitchen.”

And if you’re not ready to commit to a three- or four-year plan, Koia offers a five-year guarantee.

SpendySpotPets Taste Match Dog Food ($23 for 30 oz.)

The marketing name of SpendySpotPets’ dog food, “Taste Match,” comes from the company’s promise of creating a formula that “tastes just like your favorite human food.” They’ve created a variety of delicious-sounding flavors like maple bacon, buttermilk barbecue, and pumpkin pie.

While we love the food (we mean who doesn’t), we found a bit too much garlic in this dog food.

Trader Joe’s Organically Grown American Style Raw Chicken Food ($14.99 for 14 oz.)

Trader Joe’s is known for stocking the shelves with organic foods. They are not only affordable but are also great for your dogs. In addition to providing your dog with a wide variety of healthy ingredients. Trader Joe’s makes their dog foods available in large. 12-ounce bags so that you can easily feed your dog a healthy meal in bulk.

“Because raw meat-based foods may contain raw meat. It is recommended that raw-meat fed dogs be bathed daily to avoid odors and contamination,” Trader Joe’s states on their website. “It is also recommended that the cooked meat-based foods are mixed with raw meat-based foods for the duration of the feeding.”

Kibble Nirvana Living Natural Dog Food ($11.49 for 16 oz.)

Kibble Nirvana was created by a dog owner who set out to make healthy, high-protein dog food. The company notes that they only use healthy ingredients and use only pure herbs, fruits, vegetables, and meats to create their dog foods.

“Natural products, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and meats are all used and grown naturally and without pesticides. The animals we use in our diets are organic fed and given their natural diet to eat. They live in their natural environment and never have to be treated by a vet or receive any kind of vaccine or medication,” the company states on its website.

Because dogs aren’t able to cook for themselves, the company recommends feeding your pup a smaller, all-natural meal at mealtimes.

InnoPet Natural Line Chicken and Rice Dog Food ($8.99 for 20 oz.)

InnoPet is one of the best brands out there for delivering top-of-the-line quality dog foods. The all-natural, grain-free dog food from InnoPet contains no animal by-products, preservatives, or fillers. The product is free of chemical toxins.

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